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1992            Fresno City College, Mark Woolsey, Director           

1993            Southern Illinois University, Jeff Bile, Director           

1995            University of Southern Carolina, David Berube, Director           

1996            University of Washington, Susan Balter, Director           


1998            Arkansas State University, Michael Fisher, Director

1999            California State University, Sacramento, Kimo Ah Yun, Director

2000            Cumberland College, Kevin O’Leary, Director

2001            Ball State University, Mike Bauer, Director

2002            Bakersfield College, Helen Acosta, Director

2003            Bakersfield College, Bob Lechtreck, Director

2004            California State University, Sacramento, Kristen Hamilton, Director

2005            Bakersfield College, Bob Lechtreck, Director

2006            Loyola University, David Romanelli, Director

2007            Bakersfield College, Bob Lechtreck, Director