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New Program of the Year

1981 Southern Illinois University, John Wittig, Director

1982 Loyola University, Chicago, Elaine Bruggemeir, Director

1983 Southwest Missouri State University, Jon Jackson, Director

1984 University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Robert Glenn, Director

1985 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mike Korock, Director

1986 Trinity College, Illinois, Mike Giuliano, Director

1987 University of Missouri, Kansas City, Linda Collier, Director

1988 University of Chicago

1989 Louisiana College, Bennet Strange, Director

1990 University of Alaska, Anchorage, Cathy Hanson, Director

1991 Northwestern State University, Todd Graham, Director

1992 Los Angeles, Pierce College, Todd Guy, Director

1993 Young Harris College, Beverly Daniel, Director

1994 Wright State University, David Romanelli, Director

1995 Panola Community College, Freddy Mason, Director

1996 University of Texas, Tyler, Jack Rogers, Director

1997 University of Texas, Dallas, Stephanie Steele, Director

1998 Washington University, St. Louis

1999 Idaho State University, Greg Simerly, Director

2000 Buena Vista College, Joe Patten

2001 Middlebury College

2002 University of Missouri

2003 University of Denver

2004 University of Oklahoma


2006 Notre Dame

2007 Walla Walla Community College




2011 South Florida


2013 Fresno State

2014 Lindenwood

2015 University of Washington

2016 Illinois College